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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Making Room For Smelly Canyons

These are my notes from Apex. We went last night. I just like the Sat. night service. It's more laid back..there's no rush. We sang Leeland songs "Yes You Have" and " Beautiful Lord" and "Hosanna". Rob is out of town so Paul Isaacs did the message. He runs the Navigators at UD. The navigators are a group that help teach how to disciple.
They had come in to do a workshop for the weekend.

2 Corinthians 2:14-17

Followers of Jesus should "smell" alot like him.

A definition for the Grand Canyon..A deep impression over a long period of time that inspires many.
This can also be a definition for disciples.

Disciple..they followed rabbis . First boys learned the Torah. Girls learned Leviticus,Proverbs and Psalms. The next step..boys..learning the Old Testament and a trade. Girls..marriage.

The next level at about age 15 to 30 for boys..Following a rabbi and becoming like him. It was very difficult and many boys didn't succeed. They were picked by the rabbi.

Jesus..picked his disciples.

Disciples today..someone who's all consuming passion is to be like Jesus.
Not every Christian is a disciple.

Goals of a disciple

1. Be like the rabbi...Romans 8:29

2. To make other disciples..Matthew 28
How do you do this? You get your hands dirty. You go alongside other people. You show them love,God's word. You get involved in their life.

3. Who's a candidate?
With Jesus..they were probably freshman in high school age. John may have been only 10.

As you go about your life in whatever should be looking for those people to make disciples .

2 Rules to "Wearing the Fragrance"

1. Do so tastefully
2. Get close to people

Are you making a deep impression that is inspiring many?


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