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Monday, April 13, 2009

Something to think about...Saturday

I know that Easter is over but I thought it was interesting that today 2 people mentioned the Saturday between Good Friday and Sunday. I've never really given it much thought until today. There are many times I'm "living in the Saturday"

My house church leader, Chris, often sends us a little email on Monday or Tuesday( We meet on Wed) Sometimes it's just to make us laugh...sometimes it's to make us think...and sometimes it's just something that he might have been thinking about since we last met.
Today he sent an email talking about the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter:

I hope you all had a terrific Easter. I had some time to reflect on Saturday and envisioned what it would have been like for the disciples (and other vested followers) on the day after Jesus' death. Here they had lived, dined and breathed with Jesus for 3 years and in the matter of a couple of weeks he had gone from receiving a hero's welcome into Jerusalem to being crucified. It must have been lonely on that sabbath, but I cannot imagine the bewilderment that then turned into utter amazement (and joy) when the ladies returned from the tomb after seeing the angels. Talk about being taken from despair to hope...
Now that is the kind of hope I want every day.

The other person who talked about this is an author, Matthew Paul Turner. He talks about his pastor's sermon on Sunday.

It was beautiful. Hopeful. Passionate. Creative. Inclusive. My favorite quote that he said went something like this... "During Easter we talk a lot about Friday, the night Jesus died. And then we talk a lot about Sunday's resurrection. But we rarely mention or even consider Saturday. Saturday is the hard day. The 'waiting' day. The day when you feel like giving up. Most of us, in our own lives, are living in the Saturday. But I believe that God does his best work on Saturdays, while we're waiting, praying, and hoping for a Sunday."


  • At 10:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i like their comment about Saturday after Christ died. but when you think about it, christ would have been in the grave for only 1 day. To think that he was actually in the grave about waiting! Talk about giving up hope.


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