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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cutting back on your calories

I read this and thought I would post it. We try to tell our patients this all the think you're eating healthy when you're actually inhaling a ton of calories.

Scary-Easy Ways to Eat 1,000 Calories

Hungry Girl's here to inform you just how easy it is to rack up over 1,000 calories in one sitting. Don't let this happen to you...

The Sandwich Scenario:
You're in the mood for a sandwich, so you pull out two hearty slices of wheat bread and spread a tablespoon of mayo on each slice. You add a couple slices of Swiss cheese, about four slices of ham, plus some lettuce and tomato. A can of soda and a handful of potato chips round out this pretty basic lunch. As unassuming as it sounds, you just racked up 1,015 calories! Take a look at the breakdown...

Bread = 200 calories
Mayo = 115 calories
Cheese = 212 calories
Ham = 183 calories
Soda = 150 calories
Chips = 155 calories

Hungry Girl Tips: Go for light bread, low-fat mayo, 2% Swiss cheese, and extra-lean ham. Ditch the can of regular soda for Coke Zero. And choose Baked! Lay's instead of regular chips. Now that meal will only cost you about 415 calories. MUCH BETTER!

The At-Work Scenario:
Your boss brought in a pretty nice spread of bagels, muffins, pastries, and fancy coffee drinks for the team. How can you refuse? You grab a large bagel and smear a few tablespoons of cream cheese onto each half. You snag one of the whipped-cream-topped mocha drinks to wash it down. And to keep it healthy and balanced, you spoon out a small cup of fruit salad. Now it's not even lunchtime, and you just downed 1,000 calories. Ouch. Here's how it adds up...

Bagel = 360 calories
Cream Cheese = 202 calories
Mocha Coffee Drink w/ Whipped Cream = 363 calories
Fruit Salad = 75 calories

Hungry Girl Tips: No need to avoid the breakfast spread altogether. Grab an English muffin instead of that doughy bagel, and spread a tablespoon of jelly on it instead of all that cream cheese. Treat yourself to a small nonfat mocha drink without the whipped cream. And enjoy that fruit salad... in fact, DOUBLE the portion! You can have all that for less than HALF the calories.

The Drive-Thru Scenario:
You're craving fast food, and you're pressed for time. So you pull up to McDonald's and order a Big Mac, medium fries, and a medium Coke. That comes to 1,130 calories, without any super-sizing whatsoever. Look...

Big Mac = 540 calories
Fries = 380 calories
Coke = 210 calories

Hungry Girl Tips: Get the Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich without the mayo, an order of Apple Dippers with the Low-Fat Caramel Sauce, and a Diet Coke. Now you're down to 475 calories, and you didn't even have to leave McDonald's.

The Dinner-Out Scenario:
You're at Chili's with 3 friends, and you're craving those Boneless Buffalo Wings. But you decide to get your fix with the Boneless Buffalo Chicken SALAD. (Aren't you smart!) Since you avoided the appetizer temptation, you agree to share that Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie with your 3 pals. Hate to break it to you, but you hit 1,000 calories before you even stuck your fork into that dessert. The salad plus your share of dessert comes to 1,468 calories! Here's how...

1/4th of Dessert = 398 calories

Hungry Girl Tips: Instead of that salad, order the Guiltless Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. And get your OWN dessert -- the Sweet Shot Red Velvet Cake. That comes to only 636 calories. NOT BAD!

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