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Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Making Peace by Making War

These are my notes from last weeks sermon by Jason Wing

James 4:1-12

v1 What's up with all the drama and fighting? stems from inward and we are the problem
We think passions can satisfy us

v2 When your aren't satisfied it leads to conflict. It leads to pointing fingers at others because of the inward conflict inside of us

v3 Don't ask Don"t pray..Prayer is the language of our dependence on God
When we don't pray its because we think we are self sufficient, we are prideful, and we are arrogant. Often we ask or pray with wrong motives.

v4 Spiritual adultery..God(groom) and church (bride)
the world (cosmos)
desires of the flesh..approval,laziness,sexual desire,gluttony
desires of the, body image,clothes
pride and possessions..collectibles,stuff,money,trophies,

All of this is tempting but it is also temporary
Spiritual adultery starts with flirtations.

v5 God longs for you

v6 gift of forgiveness. Proud people don't say forgive me or thank you


v7 Surrender..resist oppose the devil. The Devil is the mastermind behind the cosmos..the ruler of the cosmos..John 14:30

v8 draw near to God..How is your intimacy with God? How is your prayer life?

v 9-10 Have inner repentance
Our hearts need to be moved. When we humble ourselves, He lifts us up

v 11-12 You are nothing to judge your neighbor It is up to God.

Big idea..we make peace by making war

Are you flirting with the world today? Are you making excuses to dabble in sin?

Where is your prayer life? Is it full of selfish motives?


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