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Sunday, July 18, 2010

"The Test of Wisdom"

My notes from Jason's sermon this morning.

James 3:13-18

Big idea..True wisdom works wisely in relationships

True wisdom is more than words..true wisdom is works..inwardly(meekness=strength under control) and outward(good conduct;character)
Wisdom is more than intelligence and knowledge.
Jason gave the example of a kid from his youth group who knew scripture inside and out but had an anger issue...when Jason called him in and talked to him the kid focused on the fact that Jason misquoted a bible verse. Immaturity.

verses 14-15
False wisdom..2 motivating factors..bitter jealousy and selfish ambition

"You have what I deserve" bitter jealousy
"You have what I want and I'm going to take it"..selfish ambition
A self centered person puts themselves in the middle of family, Personal, and vocation.

An example of false wisdom..."Do what makes you happy"
Focuses on the earthly,nonspiritual, and demonic

earthly..temporary.."Do what works best now"
nonspiritual...fleshly realm..sensuality..feelings.."Do whatever feels right"
demonic..rooted in evil

Result..disorder and vile practice
Life is chaotic and meaningless There's drama in your life

v 17
True wisdom

6 Characteristics

1. Wise don't compromise integrity(pure)
2. Wise don't antagonize anger (peace loving) Do you thrive on conflict? stirring the pot?
3. Wise don't criticize others(considerate)..don't strike back at enemies
4.Wise don't minimize suggestions...they are submissive and teachable..not stubborn and closed minded
5.Wise don't emphasize mistakes. (full of mercy and good fruit) Mercy triumphs over judgment
6. Wise don't disguise themselves ..they don't wear masks..they aren't hypocrites.(impartial and sincere)

v18 The result..harvest of righteousness in peace

The big question..Are you working wisely with others as a peacemaker? Are you working for restoration and unity?

6 Questions to ask yourself in the midst of relational chaos

1. Am I doing what is right?
2. Am I being solution oriented?
3. Am I being kind? Are you approachable?
4. Am I learning anything in this process?
5. Am I showing grace?
6. Am I being honest?

Jesus is the ultimate Peacemaker Colossians 2:3


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    Glad to see you've been faithful to the blog for so long!

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    I don't write as much as I used to because of facebook:)


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