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Monday, July 05, 2010

"The Test of Works"

These are my notes from Apex sermon. Jason Wing is speaking this month while Rob is on sabbatical.

James 2: 14-26

Real enemy..Satan...many times we make the enemy "the lazy christian"

Big idea...Saving faith works..non saving faith doesn't

Non saving faith
James gives us 2 examples:

1. Deadbeat faith v. 15-17
Good words and intentions but no works to back it up. We need to be part of the means to provide for people in need.

2. Demon faith..v. 18-19
Demons have faith
You hear people say they are christian "because I believe in God" Even the demons believe in God. They have the theological belief but they don't love or obey the gospel. Their lives aren't changed.

Saving faith

2 examples

1. Patriarch faith. validated by his works(obedience)

2. Prostitute faith..v 25 Rahab

These are 2 different examples have a man who spends most of his life in a righteous lifestyle vs woman who spends most of her life in sin
They are both saving faiths..they are backed up by their works and obedience

Big your faith a working faith?
Big problem..we believe nonworking faith can be saving faith v 26

Jason gave the example of Lenin whose body was preserved and embalmed and the end...he is a corpse...he's is faith for many of us

Living faith is a surrendered obedience.

When Jesus saves he does something for you and in you and through you. It's not enough to just pray a prayer and believe in God.


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