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Sunday, January 02, 2011

"John's Profile"

At Apex, Rob has decided to preach through books of the Bible. We are starting with the book of John. This will take 1-2 yrs to go through. I love this style as this is what I was used to at Faircreek when I went back to church after a long absence in my 20's and 30's.
Today we are starting with an overview based on scripture

John 20:30-31

In John, you see the heart and soul of Jesus.
It's 21 chapters and 878 verses.
The author is John although this is disputed in some religious circles.
The disciple John is loved ..John 21:7
2/3 of the gospel is about the last week of Jesus life.
John was the only disciple to follow Jesus up to the cross

Audience Both believers and seekers

Unique features

Seven "I Am" statements
There is no mention of the baptism of Jesus
Seven signs..miracles
Seven is a large symbolic role of completeness
The word belief and believe is used 110 times
There is an ongoing prophetic need for the gospel of John
Today the deity of Jesus is being attacked
The world is trying to "domesticate" or calm down Jesus
There are many misconceptions and quotes out there ex.
Stephen Colbert "There are infinite paths to accepting Jesus Christ as personal Savior.

The bottom line is:

"Jesus is with it" Robert G Lee

1 All miracles are bound up in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
2 The message of John is NOT exhaustive. What is recorded is needed
The message of John is sufficient.
3 The purpose of John is not mere information but rather life transformation
You only have life when you are in the name of Jesus Christ.
Remember that in this may mess up...things may not go well..but you're not are still under God's name.


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