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Friday, February 22, 2008

Alan Hirsch at Apex

Last night Darrell,Aisa and I battled the snow to listen to Alan Hirsch speak. Darrell and I went back today for an all day conference for house churches.
If you haven't heard of him he wrote a book called "The Forgotten Ways" which gives a totally different way to look at how to do church. It puts focus on Incarnational Mission.
It was a challenge to get there. I had to interview someone at 4:30 for our nurse practitioner role and the doctor I work with had an emergency patient which delayed the interview until 5:00pm. When I walked out the door, there was the snow they had talked all day about. It was a challenge getting to the church but we made it with time to spare.
He is truly a dynamic speaker. He is from Melbourne Australia and has the most beautiful accent. He is here in the United States for the next 5 years being called by God to minister to the western church.
There is so much material...too much for me to write here(but you're getting my 9 pages of notes Adam) so I'll put some of the things that stood out for me:

In church today we get too comfortable with "huddle and cuddle" We need to go out and "reach people where they are. We also need to engage people in ownership of church to create a reversal of the 80/20 mentality 80% passive and 20% who are active.
There needs to be a focus on discipleship. He used the model:TEMPT

T=together we follow
E= Engagement of Scripture
M= Mission
P= Passion for Jesus
T= Transformation
This is his model for house churches.

He also gave an individual model created by his friend Michael Frost who he wrote"The Shaping of Things To Come" That model is BELLS

B= Bless x 3 Do something good for 3 people ..1 in your community 1 outside of your community 1 of your choice
E= Eat ..Invite 3 people to eat with you 1 Inside your commmunity 1 outside of your community 1 of your choice
L=Listen to God for 1 hour each week
L=Learn 1 The Gospels 1 Another book in the Bible 1 another book that enhances you
S=Sent Wherever you are sent..whether it's work,school,etc Look at how God can use you and keep a journal in how God was involved..It will change you!

Today he totally focused on his book The Forgotten Ways" I will post separately on that when I process the info(My brain hurts!!) but the main focus of the whole day was this:

"Every believer is a church planter
Every church is a church planting church"


  • At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good stufF>>>but are you going to be the 80% or go to the 20% ?? It sounds like God is calling but the real challege is-will you answer???
    For me Africa is our mission but going is the 20% and living with the people group IS what Jesus did!! He never just sat around . He went..Tough stuff for me, Africa ?????? Pray for us!!!
    <>< B. Acts 13:2-3

  • At 10:43 AM, Blogger Rochelle said…

    I love you! You are definitely in the 20% and I feel very convicted that in someway I need to be more involved in planting God's word and pouring my life into people. You keep me accountable...I want to be active not passive. We will be praying for you and God's plan Who knows...maybe it will be in his plan for us to go to Africa as well


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