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Saturday, May 03, 2008

"To find you"

Last night we went to the concert at Apex to support the adoption of a child from Ethiopia for Phil and Amber Wing.
What a great experience.
They had a couple from Beavercreek who had adopted 2 children about a year or so ago share their experience. Their kids were adorable..they have a boy and a girl.
Charis,Blackburn,and Phil Wing Band all performed.
My favorite was when Phil Wing sang a song he wrote for his new child. It was beautiful.
There was a speaker from World Vision who also came and spoke of an event that will be in Dayton next weekend which sounds like a really cool thing so I'm going to post the website you can go to here.
It's called Step into Africa The Aids crisis: Can you survive the journey of a child?
It's an interactive audio tour in a 3,000 square foot exhibit that puts you in the experience of what it's like to live as a child in Africa in an AIDS affected community. It is coming here Friday May 9 through Monday May 12 at the Christian Life If you go to that website you can print out a free ticket to attend the event. It's also a nationwide tour if you live in a different state(Adam...they have a tour in Colorado in July)


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