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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Undiluted Christianity

These are my notes from last nights sermon. We are beginning a new series based on 1 John. Last night our scripture verses were 1John 1:1-4

Rob started the series by using the analogy of an engine. One small particle can sometimes affect the way an engine runs. With a car you need gas to make it go and you also need oil to make sure the parts are lubricated and can function.
In Christianity, doctrine or word of God is our gas. The Holy Spirit is our oil. You need both.
There are times when we walk with Christ that we are influenced by things that are outside the bounds of Christian faith. When this happens we begin to get "holes" in our nets.

An undiluted Christianity:
1. Proclaims the eternal existence of Jesus Our affection can overflow and spill out.

2. Proclaims that Jesus is God in flesh
John 1:14 "The word became flesh" We need his life(humanity) as much as we need his cross (deity). He was God enough to save us but human enough to touch us.

3. Proclaims Jesus as the source of life.

By believing these:
1. It produces a new kind of community. At Apex we don't have college age groups or women's groups or divorce groups....our commonality is Christ

2. It produces a new kind of joy. There is never a time when Christ followers don't have joy. It's subterranean..It's always there. When we overflow..that joy becomes complete.

You need to ask yourself...Is your ultimate joy about other people being rescused by Christ?


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