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Saturday, May 10, 2008


"Feel the sting of abandonment as one girl faces hunger,assault, and disease...alone in the highlands of Lesotho"

This is the profile of the child I experienced tonight. Her name is Mathabo.
I went to the World Vision Experience on AIDS exhibit tonight. It's very well done.
They have reproduced an African hut with several rooms that represent each child.
There are actually articles such as clothing and pictures from that child..they are based on true life experiences.
At the end when you reach the "clinic"and you find out if you are HIV + or - and they stamp it on your hand.
There is a chapel with several pictures of actual people in Africa who have died from HIV and then there is a prayer wall that you can write your thoughts.
The statistics that are given for HIV and children who are orphaned is unbelievable.
It's an absolute crime that this continues to increase.


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