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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Random things

At house
church tonight , Janelle spoke to us about her and her husbands passion for reaching out to the lost. They are working toward being involved in a group called keynote. Keynote is a group who uses music and creative arts to reach out to the lost primarily on college campuses here and abroad. Janelle plays keyboard and sings and her husband Tony plays the drums. They don't have children yet so they feel it's a good time to travel in the mission field.

I found out that my friend Carrie's brother was one of the editors for relevant
He's a writer for the Dayton Daily News as well as a pastor in West Milton. I had sent her husband Chris(my house church leader) an email with an interesting article on Gay Rights and how Christians should respond. Chris has a brother who is gay and who has left the church and it's a struggle for Chris to know what to say to his brother at times.

I also found out that one of Chris's college friends is one of the founders of random They make some of the funniest shirts. I have one that has an apple with a bite out of it and it says "My bad"--Eve.

Update on Kristen..I received an email from her yesterday. She got to Chile at 7:30 am and she already loves it there. She's started her's hard work but definitely worth it. She's experienced some of the food and also some of the language barrier. I've been a little worried about her but I talked with Dr. Parilo (he's from Chile) and he helped put my worries to rest.

That's all from me .. I just watched Detroit win the Stanley Cup..sorry Adam :(


  • At 1:59 AM, Blogger Adam said…

    I have two Random shirts -

    One that has the Canadian leaf and underneath it says "Eh?"

    And the other one has a guy holding a squirrel and it says "Guns don't kill squirrels. Cars do."


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