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Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Sober Act of Claiming

These are my notes from the sermon from Apex this am
1 John:5-10

Nominalism..75-90% of high school graduates will not have a walk with Christ a year from now.

God is light..there is no darkness..not even one spot
Psalm 104:2 "He wraps himself in light"
Issiah 60:19 "The Lord will be an everlasting light
John 1:4 "Light of men"
John 12:36 "Put your trust in the light"
Revelation 22:5 "No more night..the Lord God will give them light"

Light empowers and illumines
God's light shines through us from the inside

Three ways that people commonly deal with sin (darkness)
1 They make sin compatible.
They fellowship with God but they also continue to hold on to sin patterns..attitudes and anger
Scripture tells us that can't happen. Light can't fellowship with darkness

2 Make sin small
We must live in a way that we are on guard always. We live in an Antichrist culture

3 Treat sin as if it never existed
We blame problems on other things other than our own sin.

You make God out to be a liar if you treat sin as compatible,small or as if it never existed.

Darkness creeps in slowly
Have you ever heard someone say "I'm going to go to another church..I'm just not connecting to these people here"? Usually the "connections" they're looking for are unbiblical. Christ takes diverse people and brings them together.

The way to deal with sin

1 Engage in deep honest regular confession..from your inner self..not superficial. God hears our hearts and our motives.

2 Recall the person and work of Jesus
The shed blood of Jesus on the cross still has the power to cleanse us.
Fellowship with Christ doesn't depend on being sinless. It depends on the love and forgiveness of Christ.

3 Locate the lie
Truth has the power to set us free. There is no condemnation for those in Christ.

4 Start walking on the basis of his forgiveness. Walk in obedience to Him..otherwise you get lazy and you become tempted.

Where are you? In the darkness or the light?


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