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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Week of freebies

I love when I can get something for nothing or almost nothing. I love to find books on Amazon for .01.

This week I got a coupon for a free dessert from City Barbecue for my birthday

I won something from the Centerville library for being in their Summer Book Club and actually reading :^) I found out I can download a book on women and money for free!

So for the last one...I'm passing the info on. Go to and for today's show(June 26) it has a link to click on to download the book from Suze Orman. I like her ..she's very upfront and in your face about what you should be doing as far as debt and saving money. The book is usually around $16.00 on Amazon. You have to do it before tomorrow ,June 27, at 8 pm EST.

Addendum: Got a free cookie at subway...yes!!


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