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Monday, October 13, 2008 review

For those of you who know me, you know that I buy and read alot of books.
Reading is my way of escaping into another world.
Escaping into Matthew Paul Turner's world was one of the funniest adventures I've had in a long time.

This book is a laugh out loud kind of book. I think part of the reason I enjoyed it is because I can relate to some of the fundamental ways of his church and he told the story with such humor .
This is a book about his experiences growing up in a very fundamental baptist church and school. From asking Jesus into your heart in the hallway to burning Malibu barbies who died of lung cancer to reenact what hell would be details out his experiences and his feelings toward Jesus,the church , and Christianity.

I like how Matthew doesn't blame anyone for his experiences..he just relates it in an honest way. His parents,his minister,his teacher,and various adults in his life had the best of warped as some of their ideas were.
This book shows how often fear is used to try and scare younger Christians into following Jesus instead of focusing on his true message of love.

Matthew ends the book with a chapter updating where he is now in his journey of faith

Don't just take my word. Go to his blog and read some of the other reviews for his book and read some of his other humorous thoughts in his posts.
You can also see his beautiful little baby boy Elias(the baby in the picture above)
To buy the book go here
It's worth every penny and every out loud laugh :^)


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