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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Framing Your Worldview

After serving in Frontline(our welcome ministry) this morning, Darrell and I went to First Baptist Church in Franklin so I could visit my friend Kyle,who leads worship. Kyle and I went to Southwest together and built a friendship with conversations in the cafe. I miss Kyle's singing and playing and his amazing positive outlook on life, so I like to visit his church. It's a very small church but they are the warmest people. We also have friends from our house church ,Brad and Beth, who also now go here.
Added bonus....Kyle sang my all time favorite worship song.."Wonderful Maker"
His minister, Vern, has a very quiet and calm speaking voice and I like his down to earth sermons.
These are the notes from this morning.

Framing Your Worldview
What Does It Matter What I Believe?

I. What's a Worldview?
My Worldview is: The beliefs I build my life on.

II. Different Worldviews:
Materialism Luke 12:15
It's the belief: "The one with the most toys wins."

Hedonism Matt. 16:25
It's the belief: "Me First"

Pragmatism Prov. 14:12
It's the belief: "If it works for you that's fine"

Theism Col. 1:16
It's the belief: "God made me for His purpose."

III. What Does It Matter What I Believe?

1. It shapes your life
2. If faulty, it causes all kinds of problems in your life unnecessarily. Prov.29:18
3. Because others need to hear it explained. 1 Peter 3:15

IV How do I make sure my world view is not faulty and false?

Learn what is true Pr. 23:23
Discern what is false 1 John 4:1
Turn from the world to the Word. Rom. 12:2
Concern yourself with God's agenda. Luke 12:31


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