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Monday, December 22, 2008

Apex notes

I went to church yesterday but didn't have a chance to post my notes so here they are.

John 1:14-18

Luke gives us the historical perspective of Christmas
John gives us the theological perspective.

7 Pictures of God seen in the Incarnation

Picture #1 He is the Eternal One
He was already in relationship with God as God.

Picture#2 He is the Revealing One
Light exposes..light always overcomes darkness

Picture #3 He is the Promised One
John the Baptist announces to the spiritually blind that the light is coming.

Picture #4 He is the Rejected One
Rejected by his own creation

Picture #5 He is the Saving One
Jesus alone forgives our sins. At judgment he will be the one to separate the saved from the unsaved.

Picture #6 He is the Near One. He wants to set up his tent near us. He wants to be part of humanity in all of its brokeness.

Picture #7 He is the Glorious One.

When God reveals himself..he demands a response.
Our response is worship through song,giving,prayer.


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