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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Prayer for Carrie

I'm asking that anyone who reads this say a special prayer for my friend Carrie.
Carrie is 27 weeks pregnant with her 3rd baby and on Wednesday started to have some bleeding. She thought it was her water breaking,which would have been a very bad thing. Instead, her doctor found that she has something called Placenta Previa.
She will need to be on bedrest the rest of her pregnancy. We are all hoping that she doesn't have to stay in the hospital the whole time but for now her doctor isn't making any promises. Carrie is being optimistic,that's who she is, but if you know her you can see she is concerned.
Carrie is the wife of my house church leader Chris and I'm asking for prayer for him also. He has a lot on his plate . He is a busy attorney with a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old and a wife/baby in the hospital.
I believe God can use this for the good. I believe he can heal. I believe this will bring us closer together as a house church. That's why God put us share in each other's lives and share each other's burdens..whether it's good or bad.


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