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Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Big Picture

These are my notes from Apex.
Rob is sick so Rennis Bowers,one of the elders, filled in.
Issac did an absolutely beautiful job singing "O Holy Night"

The Big Picture
Do you read and understand the Bible..biblically in the context and framework of the Bible itself.?
God has a blueprint for all of us.
Many make the mistake of taking parts and pieces of scripture and put them together which changes the actual meaning.
You need to look at verses in their whole context in the chapter and books.

Example: With the book of Galatians, you need to go back to Acts. You need to know who these people are and their history to correctly interpret Paul's letter to them.

God wants trinitarian communion to be visible on earth.
God ordained community theme from Genesis to Revelation

Old convenant is replaced by New Convenant but it's history is still important.

New covenant is binding
God hasn't made us to be spectators.
If you aren't in some type of corporate worship ..only can you "love one another?" How can you fulfill God's purpose?

Important things to remember in our house churches

1 Jesus is the head
2 Sharing a meal..make sure you tie this in to the Lord's doesn't have to be the "juice and cracker" ...we share meals for this purpose.
3 Pray and remember we're in this together. We are here to encourage,to have each other's backs so sometimes praying with your eyes open can remind you of this.


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