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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our new Keurig coffeemaker

This is a picture of the new coffeemaker we bought for Christmas. Darrell and I love our coffee and we have heard nothing but good things about using the pod coffeemakers.
My brother-in-law has one,Dr. B. (one of the doctors I work for) has one and my son's roomate has one.
We did our homework for the last month going to all the stores and checking out the models and the prices. We didn't want to spend $300 but we also didn't want to get some cheapie version that wouldn't last. We decided to pool our Christmas money together and buy the Keurig Platinum.
The only place we were able to find this particular model of Keurig was Bed Bath and Beyond and the good thing...they had a 20% coupon we could use which saved us $40..woo hoo!!

They were nice enough to start us off with a variety pack of coffee/tea/hot chocolate pods.
I tried the Green Mountain coffee(made in the beautiful state of Vermont where my sister lives :) It was great! You can make iced coffee with this model as well.
It won't totally replace Boston Stoker and Starbucks but really what we wanted was to make a good cup of coffee at home for a cheaper price and I think this is as close as we can get!


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