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Sunday, March 22, 2009

"The Dance of Submission"

My notes from Apex this morning.
Worship was led by Phil and Jason Wing and Dustin Burke..simple but powerful. "How he loves us"(Kim Walker) was very touching.

Ephesians 5: 21-33

To have peace and love in a marriage is a gift that is next to the knowledge of the gospel

Martin Luther

Context...Roman unit is integral.
House codes..Paul is giving them house codes for the family of God

submit...."to come under" in Greek language
Voluntarily and lovingly come under the leadership
women had no rights in this culture.
Paul is redefining the roles of women

Head..source and authority

Ballroom dancing is a good analogy for is leading but there is a symmetry of the two

Dance of submission....The dance starts with a commitment of mutual submission that is driven by the rhythm of worship

We submit to each other out of reverence for Christ..God gets the glory

For unbelievers:
You can never have marriage as it should be without Christ.

lovingly yields to the direction of her's not something that is forced on all areas.
All of us submit to things we love.


Provides direction by:
1. Loving her..agape love..uconditional. Even to the point of giving up your life just as Christ did for the church

2. Sanctifying her..."to set apart" The way we talk,look,connect to our wives should be different from how we do these with other women.
We don't cleave to our children..they will leave us...we cleave to our spouses

3. Cleansing her.."spoken word" Talk to our wives
The average couple in America spends only 4 min. in meaninful conversation with our spouses each day

4. Presenting her...Prep her to present to Christ as blameless

Husbands can present wives blameless before Christ :

1. Serve her by giving her hope...if there are body changes,financial difficulties.there is always hope.

2. Serve her by praying for her

3. Serve her by pursuing her ..Jesus went after his disciples..We can do the same with our time,our words, our resources.

4. Serve her by being practical in our love toward her.Show your languages...don't just use words

5. Serve her by being faithful to her


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