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Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Angels and Humans"

These are my notes from Rob's sermon at Apex.
We're still going through the book of Jude

Jude 8-13

We are to be in the world..not of the world.
Jude does not name names. This letter is going to all kinds of churches. "These people" will be in all of these churches. "These people" are in our churches today.
These people are people who call themselves "Christian" but they are not.

Jude calls out their attributes.

"These people":

1 Rely on personal subjective religious experience to support their behavior.
They rely on their dreams. Examples of what they may say: "God hasn't convicted me of that".."God wants me to do this"
They try to trump others with their experiences.
They create their own revelation of religion so they never seem wrong.
If it's experience vs Bible...Bible is should always have more weight.

2. Have problems with sexual immorality. They will tell you "I'm good with God"

3. They reject authority.
We have to learn to live under authority.
Ask yourself...Do you have a problem with being wrong?
They use the words."Don't judge me" Anyone who gets close enough to make them accountable or call them out..they run from.

4. Do not take seriously the reality and power of demonic existence.
They belittle or blaspheme the existence. It can also be to the opposite extreme where they make everything of satan and put so much focus on the demonic world that the focus isn't on Christ.
Is there a battle you are fighting on your own? We can't go against demonic forces on our own. You need the Lord's help.

5. They extend a dysfunctional legacy of sin.
The stories in verse 11 have common theme...envy,compromising for financial gain, and rejection of authority.

6. Ignore how their actions impact others. They dishonor God and themselves.

7. Are fruitless. they think they are the stars...they are the darkness and gloom.
These are the people who come in and out of house church when they feel like it. They have no accountability. They are toxic. It's all about them.

It's easy to love the perfect church..not the church as she really is.

8. Suffer a double death...physical then spiritual for eternity.

What do these attributes do to biblical community?
Brothers and Sisters are hindered in their participation in the Lord's Supper.


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