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Sunday, July 05, 2009

"The Devastating Justice of Jesus"

These are my notes from Apex. Rob is back! Yeah! Worship was awesome. We sang Majesty,The Time Has Come,How He Loves (David Crowder lyrics :), and Lead Me To the Cross.
We had a baptism which always is a celebration.
My friend Kendall is goint to Southeast Asia this week with a group of high school girls so we had a prayer for them. Got a little teary on that one.

Jude 1:5-7

If we really love each other, there will be times when we have to say hard things we aren't comfortable with. This is what Jude deals with.
These are raw words of scripture. It's not your "Max Lucado inspirational verses"

Two bad but similar terms:

Heresy..systome of beliefs. It looks biblical but there are other components that are wrong. These are your religious cults that call themselves Christians ie Mormons,Jehovah Witness.

Apostasy..biblical beliefs are there but they have turned their back on the Christian faith. They want nothing to do with the Christian faith anymore. This happens more often than we realize.

Big Idea:
It is horribly dangerous to turn away from what you once believed to be true.

In these verses look at :

1. The pattern
The Israelites..the angels (Ezekiel 28) and Sodom and Gomorrah

2. The process

You get to places you don't want to be..and you don't trust or believe

1st ....Unbelief..the Israelites are destroyed in the desert except for Joshua and Caleb
2nd.....Go outside the lines..the angels go outside what God wants for them
We do this in our lives...we make decisions that are computer friends. We don't stay in God's safety
3rd..Indulge..self idolatry "I" Many times sinfulness and sexuality are tied..sexuality is one of the main ways to self idolatry. Genesis 6
Our hearts are hardened. We no longer hear God..and it leads to our destruction

3. Punishment
Israelites are destroyed in the desert.
Angels are put in chains in gloomy darkness
Sodom and Gomorrah...eternal fire. Today..Sodom and Gomorrah is located at the bottom of the Dead Sea geographically. Nothing can live.
Hell is God's justified response to people who don't see H
im as infinitely valuable.
Jesus is love but God has entrusted him with judgment.
We all have our own "lists" to get around justice and holiness of God.
Hearts should break and have mercy for those who have turned their backs on their faith.


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