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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Honor..A fading virtue

These are my notes from the Apex sermon tonight. Worship was great...especially Hosanna.

Romans 12:9-13

We all have a "Messiah complex"

Better community that is Christ-centered has:

1. Sincere love (v. 9a) agape..without hypocrisy or a mask.
We love because He first loved us

2. Sharp sensitivity to sin (9b) Abhor=repugnant
There is a strong need to run to Christ

3. Culture of family (10a) ..not always a best friend but a brother/sister in Christ

4. Competition over giving honor (10b,13b)
Endangered virtue in church culture. Customer service. Praying for unbelievers. Putting others first

5. A hard work ethic that is inward and outward (v11)
Deep relationships take hard work. In the western world, we have superficial relationships
They need to be more face to face and not twitter,facebook,etc.
Come alongside each other

6. Responds well to adversity (v12)
Conflict in community can make people go deeper if handle the conflict well.

7. Engages in practical deeds of service (13a)

"It's really hard for unbelievers to believe we want them to go to heaven when we don't want them in our living room."

Biblical community is messy like gumbo but it is good.


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