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Monday, August 10, 2009

"A Fitting Conclusion"

These are my notes from Apex sermon yesterday
We are finishing Jude.

Jude 24-25

The heading in many bibles is Doxology.
Doxo = glory,fame
ogy = speaking

It ends with "Amen" = what is true;a bedrock belief; something you can bank your life on

Do we really believe what we pray?

We need to know how God understands himself

"To the only God" unique supremacy

glory = what God gives off

majesty, dominion, authority = attributes of God

What do those mean in our life?

Our heart should overflow with love of God because he keeps us standing the judgment when God pours out his wrath
He keeps us from over us in case of attack

We are able to make our stand because on the 3rd day Jesus stood.

He will present us as pure

He delights in this

Do you enjoy Jesus?
We try to get joy through our quality of our walk i.e. prayer,scripture,service. If you look will never find joy.

Jesus desires to enjoy you
Isaiah 62:4
Zephaniah 3:17
Psalm 147:11

At the end of the sermon Rob told the story called "The Ragman". I put a link here if you want to read it. We actually did a skit at Southwest on Easter a few years back based on this story.


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