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Monday, July 13, 2009

"Holy Roller" by Julie Lyons

I chose this book to review because of it's unusual title. My dad used that term for a church down the street. When my children went to Lee University,a woman got up and asked if they "handled snakes" because it's Church of God.
There is alot of misconception with the charismatic church.
This book gives great insight into personal experiences with healing,prophesy,discernment,and other charismatic spiritual gifts.
It is written by a white woman who is reporter for the Dallas Times Herald and finds her way to a black Pentacostal church.
In each of the chapters she relays her experiences with the pastor, his wife, and different congregation members. Each of them has a story and experience in how the Holy Spirit guides and protects them in their walk.
Their church isn't perfect but she gives a great description in how important a church family is to experience what it is God has put you on earth to do.
They deal with drug addicts, abuse, infidelity, pride,prejudice and those who present themselves as men and women of God who are phony.
She gives descriptions of healing, and casting out demons, and prophesy.
Many times we don't experience this in our own churches because we don't truly believe it still exists. This church is proof that it does.
It gives a different way of looking at faith which is what I wanted.
It kept my attention through the whole book and I would highly recommend it.

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  • At 5:40 PM, Blogger Adam said…

    A good book that biblically shows that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are alive and well is called Surprised By The Power of the Spirit. It's written by a former Dallas Theological Seminary professor who started examining the gifts and realized that they didn't disappear from the earth after the death of the apostles. He got fired from his position at the university for his belief, and he ended up joining John Wimber and the Vineyard movement. It really opened my eyes about this kind of stuff and made me turn from my position that I held in college (the cessationist position).

    If you would like to borrow it, I have it!

  • At 7:09 PM, Blogger Rochelle said…

    Thanks Adam..I'll take you up on borrowing your book when I get caught up on some of my blog tour books.
    I really do think we blind ourselves to some of the things that occur in faith. I am trying to be more open minded..especially to things that are written right there in scripture.


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