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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Organic Weekend

I spent Fri eve,Sat am, and Sat eve absorbing a lot of information on how the organic church functions. The primary speaker for the weekend was Neil Cole who has written several book about the topic but is probably best known for his book "The Organic Church"
The other 2 speakers were Paul Kaak, a professor and organic gardener, and Ed Waken, a church planter from Phoenix, Arizona.
I'm going to try to give a brief summary of my notes for each session...things that stood out for me.

Friday night was Paul Kaak.
He gave basic foundation points for the organic church. He used his experience with organic gardening to give parallels to the church. He spent time going over the DNA of the church
D= Divine Truth..the dynamic and living presence of Christ and His Word.
N= Nurturing Relationships..Love for one another is to be a constant pursuit of the family of God.
A= Apostolic Mission..Our mission is to go into the world and disciple the nations for their good and God's glory.

He also focused on planting churches organically. When we plant seeds, our highest goal is the health and fertility of the land so that it will produce generation after generation of fruit-bearing plants.
1 Cultivation..preparing people and communities for the reception of the gospel
2 Sowing..implanting the gospel message into the lives of individuals and the cultures in which they live
3 Growing..reception of God's message and the sealing of the Holy Spirit. They connect with a cluster of believers or even grow into a new reproductive church.

Sat am was Ed Waken
His focus was on cultivating the soil of people's hearts.
In cultivation, many times you need to break up the need to deal with the obstacles such as sin, prior bad experiences with church,pride,etc.
He talked about Oikos a Greek word which is based on the idea of home for household.
It's finding those who God has put in our our neighborhoods,in our jobs,
It's the power of the small. It's discipling with 2 or 3 through accountability.
We need to look at the type of soil we are planting in..doing a soil analysis.
98% of western churches don't give birth to another church. Bad people make good soil
Good soil..bad people,poverty,young people,those in occult religions,uneducated,powerless,nobodies
Bad soil...wealthy,intellectual and highly educated,people of influence and power, high social status.

I wasn't able to attend the afternoon session because I had to work a health fair but I have the notes. It deals with Sowing the seed. Evangelism and how we share the gospel..through listening, through stories.

Sat night/Sun am messages was Neil Cole.
You can listen to this on the Apex podcast through iTunes this week

He used scripture 2 Timothy

He began by telling a story about his days as a lifeguard. He was able to save a life because he actually got off of his post and down into the ocean and got his feet wet.
We need to get out of our comfort zones and get our feet wet if we expect to be able to save others.

We all begin as a zygote.
We are transformed disciples who become leaders who start churches and begin a movement.
Jesus never talks about us starting churches. He says that He will build the church. We are to make disciples.
If you can't reproduce disciples you'll never produce leaders and with no leaders you will have no church and with no church there is no movement.

Last Words of a Dying Hero
Paul's words to Timothy
After all Paul has accomplished he is: short on time,cold,lonely,rejected, betrayed but he is successful in discipleship
Lifeguards learn from other lifeguards.
There needs to be multigenerational influence

Motivations of a lifesaving disciple


External natural..Pain,peer pressure,paycheck
Internal natural..Pride,pleasure
External spiritual..guilt,shame,fear
Internal spiritual...compassion for others,Revising from God

Internal spiritual is the fulfillment of the new covenant

Exhaling...tearing down..getting rid of sin to become a vessel of honor
Inhaling..equipping ;putting on the new...all scripture is inspired by God

Life Transformation Groups...2 or3..accountability

You can't make someone be need to look for the desperation in their eyes
Desperate people try to drown you in their need to give them something that floats...Jesus.


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