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Monday, December 21, 2009

"Holding Jesus"

These are my notes from the Apex sermon. We had Christmas music for worship with an original song by Matt Thornberg along with "Go Tell it on the Mountain", "O Come O Come Emmanuel", and "O Come All Ye Faithful". Kristen went to church with us and she still has the most amazing and beautiful voice.

Luke 2:25-35

This is a time when they have been waiting for 400 yrs for the Messiah.
God always hears us but how he answers can be really hard sometimes.
When you have a child you are anxious to hear the pediatrician's report...that everything is ok with your baby.
In this passage Simeon also gives a "report" about baby Jesus.

What would you think if you heard that your newborn child:

Will give life to people
Will condemn people
Will be opposed by people
Will reveal the innermost secrets of people

Who is Simeon?

1 Righteous man
2 Devout..careful and concerned about being obedient
3 Waiting..for the comfort of Israel

There are 2 reasons for parents to go to the temple

1 Circumcision
2 40 days after a birth...for the baby to be consecrated.dedicated to the Lord

The Longing of Christmas

1 is drawn from the well of spirit

2 is practically seen in promise driven perseverance
Simeon knew that he would see the Christ child before death as promised by God
He banked his perseverance on God's promises..not on man's success rate with his own promises.
Rob gave the example of the man who was recently released from prison after 35 yrs. His DNA showed he didn't commit the crime. The man persevered in his faith that he would be exonerated.

3 understands the international implications of Christ's birth
God came for all nations..sinners
In heaven we keep our ethnicity...a young black man in the service yelled out "Amen" which made all of us including Rob laugh.

4 Allow his disciples to die in peace


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