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Sunday, November 08, 2009

"Kingdom Simplicity"

This is the last in the series of sermons on Consumption. Worship songs this morning were "Happy Day" "How Great is Our God" "He Loves Us" and "Lead Me to the Cross".

Fanatic..we all have our own personal "Mt. Everest" and we compare everything to it.,marriage..everything else in our life is in competition with it.
Even church can be a Mt.Everest.
RC Sproul.."Pleasing God"..A person who has lost sight of his goal doubles his effort to get there..this is a fanatic.
Mount Everest in consumerism is attainment of "stuff"

We have already established that worry is a rejection:

of God's care for you
of God's wisdom for you
of God's provision for you
of God's future provision for you...we start "fortune telling" our lives

The call to simplicity is based on the fact that disciples of Jesus are kingdom people who expand kingdom's fame

Anything, even if it's biblical, can become an idol.

2 kingdoms 2 different authorities.there is no are either one or the other

Rob showed diagrams showing how our lives look when we are "In Christ" which leads to eternity.

Kingdom people pursue:
The exclusive rule of the midst of other options
The character of Christ..his righteousness
You can't have one without the other

We reject Christ when we want to be the Mt Everest of our lives

Where do you need to simplify your life?
Rob had us text our answers which were then put up on the screen. It was no surprise what the answers were...finances,facebook,work,family,relationships,etc.
I've thought about simplicity and how to make my life less complicated. I can unclutter my life with things but I think sometimes you have to unclutter your life from people. Not all people. People who are negative influences..people who use and suck the life out of you, people who hurt you. There needs to be forgiveness but it doesn't mean you have to associate with them..and that's what I had to remind myself this week when I made a choice not to attend an event that would have brought up all that hurt and pain again.


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