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Monday, December 07, 2009

"Compassion that Compels"

This week I went to visit my friends Kyle and Janelle Dobbins at First Baptist Church in Franklin. They have a beautiful 4 yr old daughter,Elsie, who sang "Happy Birthday Jesus" as a solo. She looked beautiful in a sparkly purple dress and did a wonderful job. If you need a boost in Christmas spirit, go watch a children's will warm your heart :)
Her dad, Kyle, is the worship minister. I love Kyle's passion for music and God. I met Kyle at my former church and always loved his positive attitude. He and his band did some Christmas music and one of my favorite songs "Mighty to Save". It was a perfect song for the message.
"Everyone needs compassion..a love that's never failing."

Luke 1:26-38

Compassion..Caring enough to do something about someone Else's need.
God saw a desperate need here on earth.
During the time of Mary and Joseph, the custom was for the groom and bride not to see each other. This is where our custom of the groom not seeing the bride on the wedding day comes from.
An angel comes to Mary and tells her she will bear a son who will be the Savior.
Mary is confused. Why would God choose her?

We are all chosen by God as reflections of who God is.
Many of us also ask Why would God choose me?

v 35...Mary also asked..How can I be pregnant? The Holy Spirit comes upon her.
v37 For nothing will be impossible with God.
v38 Mary says yes..she believes
When God calls us to be followers..something stirs inside of us. Will you say yes?
Mary's yes changed lives and the shape of the world.
When we say yes, God will change us. He will work in us and through us.

Because of sin..we are judged. Punishment for sin is death and hell but because of God's compassion he sent his Son to a womb, Mary's womb. Jesus was born a helpless baby. He lived among us and never sinned and at the chosen moment took on death and hell so we wouldn't have to.

When we go to Jesus for forgiveness, when we say yes, he saves us from eternal death and a cycle begins.
God shows us compassion so that we can show others compassion.
We need to ask "Who needs compassion?" It moves us beyond ourselves.
Look around you. Whose need do you see?


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