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Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Deep Thanks"

These are my notes from Apex this morning. I loved the music. "Blessed Be Your Name" and "Because of Your Love" are two of my favorites. We also got to hear from one of our missionaries,Kristen Paulick, who is now in Nicaraugua. She's had some "God moments" and was able to pray with us via internet connection on the screen.

Psalm 50: 1-23

Many times Thanksgiving is more of a Christian holiday than Christmas. Thanksgiving magnifies God.
We don't always have the heart and good attitude with our thanks

These passages are similar to being in a court proceeding.

Who is the judge?
Who is the prosecutor? God
Who are the defendants? God's own people
What are the charges? (7-13)

1. Your are going through the religious motions. The problem is their attitude.
"God needs for me to do this because..."
God doesn't "need" anything. He was the creator.
God doesn't need it ..we need it.
It's religion vs. righteousness of Christ

2. You hate discipline (v16-17a)

3. Your throw away his commands (17b)

4. You fit in better with unbelievers (v18) Even though Jesus was a friend and hung out with the sinners...He didn't sin.
We hang out with the sinners and have the same behavior. We "fit in"

5. Your mouth goes unchecked (v 19-20)
Slander, gossip,condescending attitude

6. You treat God like He is another human being. (v21)
We treat friendships badly..push people away...we do the same thing to God.

What is the possible punishment?
God will not always be silent. He is slow to anger but it tells us "he will tear us apart"

Where is our only hope?
2000 yrs ago God brought the offering,Jesus. When we have hearts of thanksgiving then we participate and experience the benefits.


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