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Friday, December 25, 2009

"Labor of Love"

These are my notes from tonight's Christmas Eve service.
It was absolutely the most awesome service. At least 1200 people were in the sanctuary..not an empty seat and some were standing.
We started with O Come All Ye Faithful and O Come O Come Emmanuel.
Then Phil sang "Deliver Us" by Andrew Peterson. He did an awesome job.
They showed video clips of 2 Apexers describing their past struggles with drugs and abuse. It was so honest and so touching. There was a girl who described the process of pregnancy,labor, and birth in a dramatic way and then "Labor of Love" was sung by Melissa. She sounded just like Jill Phillips when I saw "Behold the Lamb"

Rob used Micah 5:1 to give his sermon. It's the Old Testament version of God sharing the Christmas Story.

1. Christ will come in the midst of war. To be human is to be in conflict. There is physical war. There is invisible war. There is spiritual war. James 4 describes the war that can occur inside of us.

2. Christ will come in mind blowing humility. He comes from a small town. He comes as a baby. He comes from Ancient of Days and has always existed. He died on a cross.

3. Christ stood over us as a shepherd. In the garden he stood and took the cup.
He stood during his trial. He stood upon a cross.

4. He is the provider of the deepest peace.
We need peace with God.

The service ended with the 2 Apexers giving their testimony of where they are now in their life and how Christ saved them from brought tears to my eyes.

We ended with singing "O Holy Night"

It was an absolutely beautiful service.


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