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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Questions to ask yourself this New Year

These are my notes from Apex this morning. Worship was good.. a different view from the balcony :)

1 Timothy 6:11-16

What is going to be our attitude going into the next year?
Reality..some of us will experience the best, some the worst, some of us may not be here at this time next year.
As a culture we focus on the outside...i.e. weight loss.

What are some questions we need to ask about our inside?

1. How are you going to run?
We're always running away from something.
What you run away from is an indicator of who you are.
More of an indicator is what you are running to.
"O Man of God flee these things.." money, division, false teachings
Run to righteousness, godliness Being Jesus to our family and friends.
We need to run after trust. Don't be a controller. If we micromanage our life we end up wearing a mask.
Run toward agape love. Don't love people for what they can do for needs to be unconditional.
Run toward patience and gentleness. Be humble.

2. How are you going to fight?
Paul assumes life is a fight
Fight the good fight of faith
Fight= agony
There is good agony where you run toward Christ
There is bad agony where you complain and whine

a. Take hold of eternal life
b. Remember your confession..when the world creeps in and the adversary clouds your mind.
c. Model this on Christ
d. Fight from reproach..don't back stab and cause division
There will always be hypocrisy in the body of Christ but don't let this become your authority.

3. How are you going to be motivated?
No better motivator in following Jesus than the character of Jesus.
Not religious things or experiences..It's the character of Christ.
a. God is our pursuer..he came after Adam and Eve. He came after sinful humanity. God pursues you and He is coming back.
b. God is our supreme ruler. He is the authority. No matter what deadness you are going through..He wants to give you life.
c. God is unapproachable..Jesus is our access to an approachable God. The veil is torn open.


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