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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Beholding, Repenting, and Going"

These are my notes from Apex. I'm a little late this week in posting :)

Isaiah 6:1-10

Rob told the story and significance of John Lennon's death to our culture. It was the death of "give peace a chance"

In Isaiah, King Uzziah dies. He reigned for 52 yrs. This was significant to this culture.

Isaiah is the Romans of the Old Testament.

Living out our calling flows from:

1 View of God

We see his majesty his majestic authority,he sits on a throne
Is that exhibited in our behavior?
Do we look to Him for everything?

a His eminence. (intimacy) His robe fills the temple
b His holiness..He is set apart.. a cut above
c His glory..the public display of holiness
If we grasp this we have a desire for his gospel to be known everywhere
d His power...You can be "religious" and not have the power of God in your life
Is there fruit in your character?

2 Brokenness before God
Isaiah says "Woe is me"
Freud saw "cultural Christianity"..don't want to feel the pain
Be careful when you are pointing out others need to start with yourself

3 Freedom given by God
The lips are connected to the heart
There are some bad choices in our lives
We aren't guilty anymore. There is no condemnation. We have been set free.

4 Costly obedience to God
Gospel fruit isn't always conversions
It will soften some..Christ will harden some hearts
You need to be faithful in wherever God has you


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