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Sunday, January 24, 2010

"The Filter of Wisdom"

These are my notes from Rob's sermon this morning.

Proverbs 2: 1-11

God's will is something that can be "spiritual experience" on one end and "Bible only" on the other.
Our spirit experiences always are subservient to God's word.
We need's not the same as intelligence.

What is wisdom?

The moral skill to understand and apply the commandments of God to situations and people. It is the ability to connect the principle to the application. James Petty

The ability to apply in life the character and purposes of God. The wise individual discerns and lives out the unseen reality of God's kingdom and rule.

Nature of wisdom

Gaining wisdom is an act of humility. It(wisdom) has to be given to you by God.

Gaining wisdom is hard work. It takes diligence. Resources are there but we are lazy.

Gaining wisdom finds it's fulfillment in the knowledge of God.
Everything about us is a means to know God.

Questions toward gaining wisdom

Look at your circumstances
Utilize common sense
Clearly define your desires

1. Have you done thorough research on the decision? "Seek it like silver"

2. Have you done thorough research on yourself?
What are your gifts?
What are your motives?
What is driving this decision?
What are your fears?
Romans 12:3

3. Have you sought out a counsel of wisdom?

4. Have you been living in the vine? It tunes us in to God's sovereign will. Prayer,scripture, fellowship with believers.

5. Have you consecrated yourself? Are you all in? Don't be "double-souled" where you have allegiance to 2 things.


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