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Sunday, February 14, 2010

"The Call of God and Christian Service"

These are my notes from Apex.
Sometimes the words of worship songs hit me like a hammer. That happened this morning with the songs we sang. The worship team that led this morning really did a great job.
Rennes Bowers did the sermon. Rennes is one of the elders at Apex.

John 15:8-17

Call to vocational ministry
God calls all of us to ministry but some for professional ministry
The number of pastors who leave paid ministry if huge because of burnout.
God needs more full time Christians and less full time professionals
Jesus said "Go make disciples.." not "Go make pastors"
God does call some to go to seminary and get more teaching.
If you only have pastors, you'll have keepers of the aquarium not fishers of men.

7 Points of Discipleship

1. Deny self
2. Cross bearing
3. Supreme love for Jesus
4. Forsaking all
5. Persevering in teaching
6. Fruitfulness
7. Fervent love one to another

Can you lose your salvation? no
Can you lose your "assurance of salvation" yes
If you leave your faith and live a life of sin...only God really knows if you are truly saved

1 Peter 2:9-10

We are a chosen transcends color and culture
Why does God choose us?
He has set us apart and has a purpose
We are a royal priesthood
Identity leads to destiny
Our make known who God is. Revelation 5
2.6 billion are unreached..most of these are in India
Allow God to serve you as you serve Him. With that, everything is possible


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