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Sunday, January 17, 2010

"The Dance of Wills"

These are my notes from Rob's sermon this am.
This is a continuation of last weeks sermon

Genesis 2:16-17

Rob gave a visual of his skiing experience at Lake Placid. Different levels of skiing..different choices you can make.
Safety is a mirage
Our lives are molded by our decisions
Starbucks has 19,000 ways to make coffee..many choices
Life confronts us in thousands of ways.

We use God or the holy spirit to support our decisions when many times it's our own ego making the decisions.

3 wills


Too many times we become too obsessed with individual will and forget about the other two.
There is no "permissive will of God" That's not a biblical statement.

The issue isn't whether God has a detailed will for each believer, the issue is whether we can know that detailed will before we take action.

Be careful how you apply narratives from the Bible.
The word of the Lord can become an obsession more than Christ himself.

Direct revelation was the exception not the rule in scripture.

God speaks most clearly and powerfully in his word.
Many times we "amen" that but we rarely live that.

Don't look for the supernatural. God did these many times because of lack of faith.

"Decision making and the will of God" by Gary Friesen

We have freedom towards a variety of choices within God's sovereign and moral will

In Genesis 2...we may eat of every tree
not to eat the tree of knowledge..moral will

Leviticus 11 animal sacrifices clean vs unclean animals
Levitcus 22 offering is free will
1 Corinthians choices
2 Corinthians choice of financial giving
1 Corinthians 10.."whatever you do"'s a choice for the end result..glory of God

Ask yourself:

1. What is a significant decision that is confronting you right now?

2. What is your process in making that decision?
We often have control issues and need for independence

3. What are your motives in making that decision? Our motives are who we are.

4. What are your fears/concerns in making that decision?

"We want lives of simple, predictable ease—smooth, even trails as far as the eye can see—but God likes to go off-road." Tony Snow


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