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Sunday, May 09, 2010

An Introduction to Authentic Faith

These are my notes from Apex

James 2: 14-26

We are starting a series for the summer on the book of James. If you read the book of James every day you will have read it 100 times by August

James is writing to the Jews
Faith always brings works

Mark Driscoll did a series on this subject so Rennes played 10 min of the video.
I'm not a huge fan of Mark Driscoll but he was spot on for this

It's not "by" that we need to remember's "to"
Christianity leads to humbleness

When you look at 2 has fruit and the other doesn't. The one with fruit..Christianity...the one without....non Christian. There is no "3rd tree"
Sometimes the tree with fruit has a puny piece of fruit barely hanging on..It needs pruning.

Jesus has done something for you(died on the cross)..he does something in you(spirit and soul) and he does something through you..(works).

There is dead faith..intellectual in the facts..but no change inside and no works.

The parallel book for James is 1 John. It tells us the "birthmarks" of a believer


James gives us tests to evaluate our faith. Do you have saving faith or intellectual ascent?

1:2-13 trials
1:14-21 temptations
1:23-27 response to the word
2:1-13 response to the poor
2:14-26 Test of the works
3:1-12 The tongue
3:13-18 Wisdom
4:1-6 Coveting and worldliness
4:7-17 humility
5:1-6 riches
5:7-12 suffering

There are periods where we go through barrenness. James is talking about Christians who go through their whole life without fruit
Daily we need to fill up with devotion...we have buckets with holes that need to be filled up.

Take in God's word,prayer
Remember..."Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven"


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