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Sunday, March 07, 2010

"Why Does Apex Use the Bible As It's Primary Source?"

These are my notes from the Apex sermon this am.
Worship with Phil and his band members was a blessing and it's truly "one voice"

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Scriptures =word of God =sacred writings

When Rob trained for his radio station job he used index cards to remember what he needed to do
When the disciples trained under Jesus for 31/2 yrs and he left them..their "index cards" were the Bible.

The Old Testament had a postive attitude on scripture
Psalm 19:8
Jeremiah 15:16
Eziekiel 1: 1-3

The American church today is sick. We have an attitude problem toward the word of God.

1. The Source of Scripture
All religions and cults have "a book" The authority of these books is radically different from the Bible.

Bible..God wrote through men about Himself.
Christianity is a rescue religion
When we get lethargic or jaded on the word of God then we are usually detached from the source and author.
Word of gives us life. Do you look at it like your life depends on it?
Adam's life depended on the "breath of God"

2. Function of Scripture
How is it taught?
1 It Confronts Us. reproof
We are biblicslly illiterate. We don't want to be wrong. The Bible calls us out. It will question our attitudes and demand change.

2. It corrects us. It sets our hearts back in place.

3. It conditions us. discipline;training
Many of us are conditioned around things like American Idol..we have American Idol parties..we talk about it takes up our thoughts. We do this for things we love. We need to do the same for the word of God.

3. Goal

You need word and spirit to grow up.
God didn't die just so we won't burn. That is NOT the gospel of Christ. He saved us for a work. We are gospel activists.

We are sending a team from Apex to Haiti. They have the baseline they need to minister...the word of God.


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