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Monday, March 15, 2010

"Human Innocence"

These are my notes from Apex

Genesis 1:27

A Dangerous Question...Who are you?

We live in a culture where many believe we evolve.."survival of the fittest"
Disciples of Jesus...we believe in creation

In Roman times there were humans/animals who fought for entertainment of humans.
It's no different today. The media allows us to watch others destroy themselves.

In the London Zoo, there was a display of humans..the purpose? To show that humans "aren't that special"

What does it mean to be made in the image of God?
We were made "like" God and to "represent" God. 1 Corinthians 11:7

What are attributes of being made in the image of God ?

Human beings have the ability to reason ..morally..wrong vs right..Animals don't

Human beings exercise dominion or authority. We have an influence on creation. We create cultures. We should be concerned about our environment, our neighborhoods, our economy.

Human beings have exclusive dignity..because of the artist(God)

End of life issues..abortion..bioethics

Psalm 139
Every human has dignity and we are unique.

Human beings thrive in relationships

Genesis 1:26 uses us and our. The trinity..they exist in a dance of self-giving love
God has relational makeup


There is not a human being that does not have the image of God

Our meaning in life is found in connection with our creator

What we do in life is dependent on who we are in life. What we do flows out of who we are.

What kind of influence are you contributing to your different culture?

How invested are you in others' lives? House churches

Look at Jesus


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