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Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Human Broken"

These are my notes from Apex. We sang 2 of my all time favorites.."True Light" by Phil Wing and "Deliver Me" by David Crowder.

Ephesians 2:1-3

If you come to Apex, you know that Rob doesn't wear a suit/tie. Today he was dressed in black with 2 guys on stage also dressed in black..and a mannequin. Why? I'll tell you at the end.

Adam/Eve made a decision against the will of God and it impaceted all of us.
The image of God was distorted. Our moral reasoning and dignity were distorted.
Relationships were distorted.

Our sinful humanity:

1. Has been encased by sin. Many times we want to run away from things in our life..but you take it with you when you run. (The mannequin was wrapped by the 2 men in saran wrap)

2. Infects our whole lifestyle;How you raise your kids..your you live.
Our human nature determines the overall course of our life.
Romans 12:2.."Don't be conformed to the pattern of this world..."

3. Connected to the satanic. Part of us is spirit..we are connected to the Holy Spirit or the unholy spirit(Satan) 1John 5:19

4. Is governed by our own authority. When we have desire...we feed it.

5. Places us on the receiving end of God's wrath..justified punishment to sin and sinners. Those with no relationship with God are an enemy of the cross. (The men place a bulls eye on the mannequin)

6. We are enslaved

7. We are deaf in hearing God's voice. John 10 "The sheep hear his voice and know his voice" (The men place earmuffs on the mannequin)

8. We are dumb in discerning God's ways..Ecclesiastes 3:11. The cross is foolishness to unbelievers. ( The men put a dunce cap on the mannequin)

9. We are blind to God's supremacy. ( The men put a blindfold on the mannequin)

10. We are communicators of empty words. Matthew 6:7
Ephesians 5:6 (The men put a gag over the mouth of the mannequin)

11. Hard hearted toward God's desires. (The men put a cardboard heart on the mannequin)

12. We are left without hope..Ephesians 2:12 (The men put the mannequin on a gurney)

You may think as a church you are cool, you are relevant...but many wear a mask and to God you are dead. "Depart from me..I never knew you..."

The reason for the black suits...this is a eulogy to a funeral for death (The men put the mannequin in a body bag and roll him away)

How will you and I die?
We need to be rescued..someone to cut the strings of give us new ears,new eyes,new mouth and new heart.

Rob told a story about the rescue teams for Hurricane Katrina. Many of the people refused rescue..not because they were ungrateful..because they didn't realize how desperate their situation was.

In the don't answer to your family, your boss,your neighbors, answer only to God.

We sang the song "Rescue" by Newsong with this line "This world has nothing for me (I will follow You)"


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