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Sunday, May 30, 2010

"The Test of Attachment"

These are my notes from this morning's sermon by Rob at Apex

James 1:9-11

James doesn't let us take grace for granted

60 commands in 5 chapters of James
How we act is extremely important in our walk
There are 22 references to The Sermon on the Mount

The test of our attachment to "stuff"

Lee adviser for George H. Bush. He was vicious in the political arena
He developed brain cancer at age 40.
Before he died he acknowledged that it took a deadly illness to make him see the truth he had as well as our nation has...a tumor of the soul.

The test of our boasting

We all boast
James talks to the poor and rich

How do the poor boast?

We all know what it means to be deprived of something
The poor are to boast because their deprived condition is not the same as their redeemed condition.
They are poor culturally but rich in Christ which can't be taken away. is a website where you put your income in and it's compared to the world. People in the U.S. fall in the top percentile for being rich.

How do the rich boast?
The rich are to boast because their affluent conditin is not the same as their redeemed condition.
They can only take away what you don't need.
The problem? We have made our wants our needs

The equalizer for the rich and the poor?

Pain..the tears are the same

There is a warning to the rich

1. Riches can kill us slowly and subtly
Like the Sirocco wind that hits the Mediterranean. It is 100mph and extremely hot. It kills vegetation and flowers.

2. It is not our wealth that condemns's our pursuit of wealth that condemns us
Your heart can make an idol of riches. What is our pursuit?
"If I can just get to here.."

How can wealth impact our relationship with Jesus?

1. Give false sense of security
2. It can distract us because of worry and stress
3. It can turn your view of Jesus as only a supplier and not Lord.
4. It can keep us from that relationship period.
Ex..the parable of the rich man in Matthew. He walks away from Jesus when confronted with giving up his wealth. His wealth kept him from heaven.

The Pharisee vs the tax collector
Pharisee..culturally rich
tax collector..financially rich

The Pharisee was judgmental and arrogant in thinking that he was better than the tax collector

The tax collector went home justified because he recognized his sin..."Lord have mercy on me. I'm a sinner.


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