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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"The Test of Trusting"

These are my notes from Sun am's sermon at Apex.
Rob is on sabbatical and Dave Black was the guest.
I thought he did a great job.
Worship music this week was incredible as well with Isaac's team.

James 1:5-8

Authentic faith know to trust in trials
Do I have trusting down?
The person who doesn't trust is all over the place.
A trial may have come into your life to test your trust.
You're not asking for options. God is your only hope.

If you have already asked the trusting question...ask for wisdom

1. Are you listening to Him?

2. What are you anticipating?

It should be wisdom from God..not riches, power,etc
We have a tendency to make our weekends and vacations our savior

3. Get rid of contingency plans.
"In case of emergency..." God is the plan

4 Make sure your heart is anchored to the cross
Trust God. Those who do aren't flailing.

What posture do we have in trials
If you are in the deep end of the pool of life and trying to get to the other're getting're sucking in water...we do everything except what we should do...ask for wisdom.

How am I going to make it another day?
Where is God in all of this?
What do I do now?

You need God's truth applied to choice and opportunity
You need to see it the way God sees it.
God gives don't cash in "God chips"
Make sure you ask in faith and without doubt
Doubt is divided's doubting God's ability. God or money? God or internet?
This is not easy but the plan has always been trusting. When your flailing and trying to get to the other side in the deep end...turn over and float on your back (trust God)


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