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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Authentic vs settler theology

These are my notes from this a.m.'s service.
Our worship was awesome. Four acoustic guitars and a keyboard player and the beautiful voices of Apex A Capella at times. "True Light" and "From the Inside Out"...doesn't get any better :)
Rennes Bowers did the sermon today. Such a godly man.

James 1:16-18

James was martyred and sealed his testimony with his own blood
James was written about 45 AD

Believing "facts" doesn't mean you are on your way to heaven. That's not saving faith
Jesus did something for us and in us and he does something through us
Are you really in authentic faith or have you "intellectualized" your faith.

Temptation must be battled at the point of conception..not at the point of behavior.

When you drift, you become lured by deceit.
House churches help keep us accountable and authentic.
Don't "hide out" in knowledge
It's about discipleship
To be a follower, it costs you. You give up reign of your own life.
God gives us all perfect gifts. We lack nothing.
"Father of lights"..he is steadfast..the only stable thing in the universe.

Deceit is the word we get planets from. Planets are always rotating and changing.

Pioneer vs Settler theology

A settler sees life as needing to be guarded
A pioneer sees life to be lived

A settler sees church like a stone house which is dark with small windows
A pioneer sees church as a covered wagon; always on the move.

A settler sees God as being in office with the blinds drawn...predictable and feared
A pioneer sees God as a trail boss..full of life who eats and sleeps with his pioneers

A settler sees Jesus as the sheriff who forces town rules
A pioneer sees Jesus as a scout who finds the way for his pioneers

A settler sees the Holy Spirit as a philosopher who comforts
A pioneer sees the Holy Spirit as a buffalo hunter who provides and shakes up the settlers

A settler sees a Christian who believes in safety first,order,happiness
A pioneer sees a Christian as one who risks,daring..whose new life is on the trail and he dies with his boots on

A settler sees a clergy as a bank teller who protects the vault
A pioneer doesn't see a clergy..only a cook who helps others learn to cook

A settler sees sin as breaking town rules
A pioneer sees sin as wanting to leave the others

We are the prototype of what is to come. We are the firstfruits. Our world revolves around Him instead of us.

Open your eyes. There are places (India) that need to be harvested.


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