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Sunday, January 23, 2011

"John 1: 6-13"

My notes from 1/16/11

Opening Acts..Rob gave opening acts for concerts he's been to.
John the Baptist...opening act for Jesus

John the Baptist

Very unusual dress and diet
He was born to point to the person of Jesus Christ
We are reborn to point to the person of Jesus Christ

The light that is life:

1. Sent John (v6)
We are saved to be sent. All disciples of Jesus are sent

2. Defined John (v 7)
We are the noun and verb (witness)
His "purpose statement" and ours
There are no sample groups God uses all of us.

3. Humbled John (v8)
With 400 yrs of silence, people wanted to make John the Baptist "the one"
We are imperfect lamps

The light is:

1 True (v9)
There are many lights but not all are true Jesus is the true light. The devil disguises himself as the angel of light.
Definitions of Jesus.."Starbucks Jesus" , "Republican or Democrat Jesus", "Revolutionary Jesus",

2. Universal (9b)
God created all of us in His image...doesn't mean we all have relationships with Him
We have a sense...all of creation has heard something..No person has an excuse. We are all born's universal

If there is no communication in parts of the world..God will provide.
If there is a sincere desire..God ordains it.

3. Ignored (v10) Jewish faith

4. Rejected (v 11)

5. Graciously received (12-13)
When you believe in a person's name, you believe in totality of their character
That's what it means to believe in Jesus Christ
Book to read..."The gospel according to Jesus" by John McArthur
Chapter 9 of the book talks about how we are accepted by grace. You will not see God on the coattails of your parents.
You can't be socialized into the kingdom of God

John Stott..Basic Christianity.."hound of heaven"
Jesus pursues you even when you are running away


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