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Sunday, May 04, 2008

"and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you"

These are my notes from Rob's sermon
Matthew 28:16-20

We are all teachers..the question is:
What are you teaching? Look at the fruit around you
The life you produce in other people is the life you have inside you

There is no greater teacher than Jesus Christ
The impact he had in 3 yrs time doesn't compare to the great philosophers years combined.

You have the responsibility to come along side believers and teach them to obey.
How do you do this like Christ?

In order to teach like Jesus you must:

1 Invest your life in willing people
Jesus didn't invest his life with everyone. John 15:4 John 2:23-25

2 Call for commitment
Accountability Matthew 8:22
Need to weed out those who aren't committed
Attrition isn't always a bad thing

3 Focus people on a bigger story than their own
We tend to live our own agenda and in our own "little rooms"

4 Know who you are trying to please
If you are a big "people pleaser" will only invest in people a short period of
time. Your serving them may not always please them Mark 12:14

5 Embody what you teach...You live it...Jesus was the content John 1:1-3

6 Pursue a radical commitment to pray..Jesus often retreated to lonely places to pray
Pray for yourself as well as the person you sre discipling

7 Place people in situations that require risk.. i.e asking someone to lead in prayer
Going out to serve the homeless

8 Be willing to die for the people you teach..a good shepherd lies down his life for
his sheep.

As I read through these again this morning..some are easier than others. I think #8 is the hardest one to grasp...not as far as discipling my children..but others who aren't my family ...I started to think of those people I know...would I be willing to die for them?


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