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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Broken Road

Last night was our last study in "Stepping Up" I have enjoyed having this study and connecting with the women who came. We plan to celebrate finishing by eating out together..we like eating:) I made them little Max and Erma banana creme pies from a recipe I found here

The last video lesson talks about the road traveled to our destination.
Sometimes that road can be broken. It can have detours. As we journey, we need to be aware of the road signs.

Stop....don't go any further in what you are doing

Yield...submit..even when sometimes you don't understand it...that's where faith comes in

Caution....Don't love blindly..discern...and love with boundaries

On that road, let go of the loads God wants to loosen. Many times the burdens we bear are burdens we put on ourself.

Sometimes in that journey, we travel through the Valley of Baca(valley of tears)

Take the next step with the next strength. God provides the strength to get from one place to another...sometimes we have to wait until we have that added strength.

Know with certainty that the destination is worth the trip.


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