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Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm doing a study with my friend on the book of Daniel.
In the part we're studying the king has a dream and wants it interpreted.
Daniel interprets the dream as to what will happen in the future.
This book is very rich with prophecy which intrigues me.
I was thinking about dreams. I'm not a person who has vivid dreams. Most of the time if I do have a dream it is a mixture of what happened that day mixed with things I've thought about. I really don't understand how and why the brain does that.
I'm wondering why there aren't people today who have dreams like the king which are interpreted for the future...or are there?
There all kinds of people predicting the there any truth to what they say?
God gave Daniel that gift of interpretation...are there people like that today?
If so...why don't we hear about them?

Just some thoughts I had this morning that I thought I would write down.


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