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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Listening and Running

These are my notes from Apex. We went this morning because of the Leeland concert(see my previous post). We are starting a new series called "Overboard".

Scripture- Jonah 1: 1-6

The Bible is full of runners.
Adam and Eve
12 disciples

You can be sitting and still be running
The first question the Peace Corps asks "What are you running from?"
We go from running to exhaustion to anger to bitterness
Jonah..minor prophet

Three levels of running with Jonah

1. Jonah ran away from the Lord
You can never flee the personal presence of God
Jonah fled the express will of God.
He ran to Tarshish which is known for it's jewels. It's a resort city.

2. Jonah ran away from his mission.
When we dwell on God less time..we lose a sense of mission.
A fruit of gospel sharing is either reception or rejection. What is our mission?
Sharing even if it's to those who don't listen.

3. Jonah ran away from himself.
We were created to reflect God's word to a dark world.

We will resource our running becomes our way of running.
Jonah paid a fare.

We can hurt others in our running..God sends a storm. Sailors suffer because of Jonah.
They throw their cargo overboard.

We can rest in our running. Jonah was sleeping. Heat and mind become sealed. You have no conscious. You sleep even though God's wrath is building.

Are you listening to the Lord?
Do you know how?
Is there something so big or evil in your life that it makes you run?
Could Natural calamities of God's way of mobilizing his people for mission?
Psalm 135:5-7
Psalm 107:25-31
Sometimes we don't turn around until we hit calamity
Be anti-Jonah.


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