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Monday, January 05, 2009

Day #1 Fruit

Well, today begins the diet experiment.
I work everyday this week so this should be interesting.
I tend to eat healthy at breakfast and lunch but when I come home in the evening..It's carb load time!!! I'm more of a starch eater than a sweet eater.
Today is fruit only.
I had honey dew and watermelon for breakfast with water and coffee. I actually didn't feel weak or hungry all morning.
At lunch I had more melon and 2 clementines and water.
It was a little tough at lunch cause Barb had chicken wings and tater tots so the smell wss tempting :)
When I got home, Kristen let me know she wasn't happy with this plan and she was going to eat a pnut butter/jelly sandwich. She felt weak and dizzy and so I told her not to worry about doing it. I don't want her obsessing about her weight anyway.
I had an apple and 1/4 cup of natural raisins and water for supper.
I don't feel bloated. I don't feel too hungry..yet. The bummer is this is Fiesta Bowl night and I can't have the usual snack foods :^(
Tomorrow...vegetables...ok that is NOT going to be my favorite day!


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